Peace of Mind

Isn’t it strange how we can lose ourselves for hours mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, yet there’s not enough time in the day to meditate for 10 minutes? I’m guilty of it, after a long day, when I’d need the benefits of meditation the most, I’d grab my phone, numb my mind, and easily waste 45 minutes.

On the rare occasion that I would put the timer on and try to meditate, I’d jump around between different practices, trying to recite mantras and counting the length of my breath, mentally screaming at my thoughts to pipe down.

Even though my lame efforts didn’t show it, I was committed to learning how to meditate, so I downloaded the Headspace Meditation app that my sister recommended. The program offers 10 free guided meditations, and after the 10th session, you unlock additional levels with a paid subscription.

I’m extremely open to spirituality, but what I liked about this program was that it was a straightforward, tangible approach to meditation. Forget about picturing aura colors and channeling your third eye. The British guide, Andy Puddicombe, gently guides your practice, without making you memorize mantras or hyperventilate with distracting breathing techniques. He leads you into your headspace, asking you to become aware of yourself and your breath. And better yet, he doesn’t have any weird speech patterns or nuisances to distract you from your practice.

The sessions are only 10-minutes long, which can feel either extremely short or excruciating long, depending on your mood. To keep myself on track, I’ve started waking up 10 minutes earlier to ensure I have time to dedicate to the practice.

After the 10th session, I realized I’d have to pay a monthly subscription to access additional meditations. While I have no doubt that the other sessions are valuable, I’ve found that the 10-day challenge gave me the jumpstart I needed to hunker down and begin exploring meditation on my own.

The Gist: While I’m not forking over the monthly fee, this program has helped me get on the meditation train. It’s made me aware of a different style of meditation that I can easily integrate into my lifestyle. If you want to learn, but are feeling intimidated by the process, try this app to ease into your own headspace.