For Fox Sake

It’s almost February, and in true fashion, we’re a little behind on that whole New Year’s resolution thing. A month into the year, and we’ve finally pinpointed our New Year’s Resolution. Better late than never right?

This is the year of the fox. OK, not really, we know nothing about Chinese zodiacs, but we’ve identified the fox as our spirit animal. We’ll keep it brief, the fox has inspired our 2016 intention: ZeroFox. For fox sake, we need to stop giving so many fox.

Today, we’re kicking it off by reflecting on how we need to speak our minds, hush the opinion of others, and cause a little bit of a playful ruckus. Cheers to a year of less caring and more living. Keep up with our Instagram for our ZeroFox musings.

“Keep your faith, but lose your shape.” -The Growlers