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Green Smoothie for Beginners

I recently presented a workshop at Digital Volition, where I spoke about holistic health and served up four different smoothie blends. The beginners’ green smoothie was a crowd pleaser, as it got everyone talking and coming back for seconds. It made my smoothie-loving soul shine because this green blend is a great stepping stone for an eventual all veggie-based smoothie! Be brave, give it a try it, and get ready to glow!

-1/2 organic banana (freeze other half for later smoothies)
-1/2 organic apple
-1/2 bag of organic mixed greens
-1/2 organic lime squeezed
-1 TBS chia seeds
-3 cups coconut water*
-2 cups filtered water*
-1/2 cup ice (if drinking immediately)

*Measurements are approximate, depending on size of blender.

Place banana, apple, greens, and chia seeds in the blender.  Add liquids and ice.  Blend until smooth. Drink immediately, or refrigerate/freeze in airtight, glass containers.

Note: Vegetable-based smoothies provide more health benefits, with less sugar. Aim for a 3:1 vegetable to fruit ratio when you’re ready to take on more greens!