Daring to Detox: A Juice Cleanse Experience

To most people, a juice cleanse sounds like an extreme form of self torture. I hardly even considered the idea until I had the opportunity to watch my coworker, Carolynn, embark on a five-day cleanse. What once seemed like a ritual reserved only for people who do head stands during yoga class, now seems achievable, and maybe even enjoyable.

Cleansing allows your body to take a break from the digestion process to heal other areas. While you may temporarily lose weight, dropping pounds is not the goal. It can, however, kick-start a healthier way of eating by quickly eliminating excess sugar and processed foods from your diet.

I had tons of questions about her juicing experience and wanted to document some of them here. Hopefully you, too, will be inspired to try a cleanse.

-Why did you choose to do a cleanse?
​I have been wanting to cleanse my body/system for a while now, and when I recently returned from my vacation in Puerto Rico, I felt an emergent need to clean my body of all the unhealthy/fried food I ate while I was there. Also, I felt an urge to get my eating habits back on track by “starting new” and first cleaning my system.

-Was it expensive?
​I bought a five-day juice cleanse on Living Social for $194, which comes out to about $6.46 per bottle of juice, and I consumed six juices per day. It’s a little pricey (in my perspective), but the benefits were well worth it.

-Was this your first cleanse?
Yes, this was my first Juice ONLY cleanse- I did not have ANY solid food for the entire five days.

-What was the most difficult aspect of the cleanse?
​My first two days were the most difficult because of my cravings, however, by evening time of the second day my cravings had subsided.

-Although you didn’t choose to, were you allowed to eat any solid foods during the cleanse?
I was allowed to eat egg whites and steamed vegetables only.

-Did you like the juice flavors?
Yes, the juice flavors were great!

-Did you experience any negative effects? Skin breakouts, shakes, low energy, mood swings, cravings?
​I experienced cravings the first two days, but they subsided by the evening of the 2nd day. No mood swings, although on day four I noticed I had less patience for people. No breakouts, no “shakes”, and my energy level was great!

-Did you notice any physical changes in your body? Any immediate positive effects?
Yes, I noticed I lost inches, so I looked leaner. I did not weigh myself, however, I’m sure I lost some weight because my body was leaner. I noticed these changes around day three.

-Did you cheat?
​Not at all, and I was VERY proud that I stayed strong!

-How did you keep yourself dedicated and on track?
​I stayed focused on my juices, and I watched the documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” to give me inspiration. I did not want to deviate from the juices.

-How do you feel now that its over?
​OMG, so refreshed and renewed!

-Would you do another cleanse? If so, would you choose the same duration?
​Absolutely! Yes, I would do another five-day cleanse, a three-day, and continue with a one-day (monthly or weekly) maintenance cleanse. I would really like to do a 14-day cleanse, but at a detox retreat where I’m surrounded by people doing the same thing.

-Any advice for cleansing newbies?
​Don’t let your fears hold you back. When you try it for the first time, think about all the positive effects it has on your body. I recommend watching food/healthy eating/juicing documentaries and/or reading about the benefits of juicing- it will give you inspiration to stay on track and keep going.

Carolynn used a kosher five-day cleanse through Jus by Julie. For an organic option, check out Gentle Giant.