Turn Up Wellness offers a variety of programs, because “health and wellness” is different for everyone.  My individualized programs are designed to make you feel good and on track toward your personal goals, despite your busy schedule.  I aim to promote energy, happiness, and bare inner confidence.

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Siren Shape Up, The Three-Month Program:

Learn to make subtle shifts toward a healthy lifestyle with this customizable program.  We will meet for 60 minutes, twice a month for three months to accomplish your personal wellness goals. Vibrant energy, dewy skin, and skinny jeans are possible side effects of this lifestyle makeover. (Available in-person and virtually. $120/month)

-Nutritional Counseling                           -Natural Beauty Tips

-Life Balance Advice                               -Speedy Recipes

-Grocery Store Rundown                        -Pantry Re-vamp

-Sugar-curbing Tips                                -Workout Guidance

-Healthy Snack Alternatives                   -Smoothie Recipes

Raw Beauty, The Facial Workshop:

Tired of ruddy, puffy skin? What we eat and place on our skin has major affects on our outward appearance.  Learn about skin enhancing foods, make a natural beauty product, test natural moisturizers, and munch on beautifying snacks during this 60-minute workshop. Bombshell Benefits: Better skin than Gwyneth Paltrow. (Available in-person only. $75/60 mins)

Grocery Store Tour:

Learn to quickly navigate the grocery store, and buy only whole foods that will benefit your health and wellness, without killing your wallet. The workshop includes SKU number and label decoding; tips for easy meal preparation; and staple healthy food and ingredient lists. Healthy shopping can be easier than eating out. Bombshell Benefits: More cash for those Jimmy Choo’s you’ve been eyeing. (Available in-person only. $50/60 mins)

Smoothie Workshop:

You can give a man a fish…or learn to make the staple of a green goddess diet. Turn Up Wellness will provide the expertise, tools, and organic ingredients to make two smoothies, in the comfort of your own home. Freeze your smoothies and consume them at your convenience. Bombshell Benefits: Vitamin infusion, hunger curbing, glowy skin, weight reducing habits, delicious snacks. (Available in-person only. $80/60 mins)

Gratitude and Relaxation Exercise:

Slow down and take a huge step toward positivity by learning the importance of appreciation, gratitude, and relaxation. Guided exercises and tips will teach you to incorporate these life changing concepts. Bombshell Benefits: Less stress, more love. (Available in-person and virtually. $50/60 mins)

Group sessions are available at reduced rates for all programs and workshops.